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At Hirschi Masonry, safety is more than just a word. Our dedication to safety is an extension of our Expect More philosophy.

Safety Week is part of Hirschi Masonry’s commitment to our most important assets – our team members.

During Safety Week we renew our focus to the principles, concepts, awareness, actions and decisions that ensure all of our team members are able to stay safe – avoid injuries and situations that put them at risk.

We acknowledge and reward team members who have displayed an extraordinary dedication to safety and those who recently had anniversaries as team members.

In addition, each day during Fall 2014 Safety Week we recognized one Hirschi Masonry team member whom the executive staff has identified as displaying an outstanding commitment to our Expect More philosophy. These are team members who go above and beyond their job descriptions to make sure that we provide our customers more they expect and that the team members who work for and with them are able to excel.

We congratulate the following team members who were recognized during Fall 2014 Safety Week for their outstanding performance:

  • Eliseo Sanchez
  • Andres Torres
  • Martin Sandoval
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Magda Paz
  • Nancy Pattinson

Safety Week is an opportunity to display that Hirschi Masonry’s commitment to Expect More does not apply just to our customers but to those most important – our team members.

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