Meet the Hirschi Masonry Team

Hirschi Companies Leadership

The Hirschi Masonry team is led and supported by the overarching Hirschi Companies organization. These key leaders—among others—oversee Hirschi Masonry’s strategic direction.

President and CEO

Chad Hirschi

Founder of all the Hirschi Companies, Chad’s been in the business for more than 25 years. He believes the right people and the right equipment is the best way to ensure the right results.

Chad’s motto is play hard, work harder, and live life at full throttle. A healthy balance between career and time spent with family is very important to Chad. He’s forever grateful for those who’ve taken time to help him develop his skills and talents. He pays it forward sharing his skills, talents, and experience with those he surrounds himself with.

Chad is passionate about community involvement. He lives by the rule “one needs be willing to give of their time and or money to better the community.” He strives to do both! Chad embodies our Expect More philosophy! He is realistic yet never settles. He firmly believes that there is always room for improvement and growth!

Executive Vice President

Crystal Hirschi

Crystal's life motto is, "We can complain about the problem, or we can be a part of the solution."

Crystal's life motto is, "We can complain about the problem, or we can be a part of the solution." She lives by these words as she strives to be a part of the solution in the community, as well as in the world. As the Executive Vice President, Crystal handles employee retention, strategic planning and development, as well as all charitable endeavors. She and her husband Chad created Hirschi Helping Hands to rally the Hirschi team as they serve in various ways in the community.

Crystal was appointed by the mayor and currently serves on the City of North Las Vegas Education Advisory Board as the Vice Chair. This has given her the opportunity to mentor, sponsor, and support the needs of the city's most vulnerable schools.

She is the Nevada Advocate for Sole Hope, a non-profit that supports those living in Uganda Africa, who suffer from a debilitating sand flea called Jiggers. As the advocate, she travels across Nevada speaking with schools, youth groups, and church organizations about this sand flea, with the message of hope as those who attend help in making jean patterns that are sent to Africa and sewn into shoes. This charity empowers those in Uganda as it provides self-reliance and jobs within their own community.

Crystal has traveled all over the world visiting nearly 40 countries where she has assisted in building schools, chicken coops, water cisterns, western bathrooms. She is also an ambassador for "Days for Girls," a non-profit that provides female hygiene kits with the necessary education of the female anatomy, as well as the dangers of human trafficking. Crystal loves people, culture, and serving, but her greatest love is her children and grandchildren. This love has produced a creative fun-loving mom and "Gigi," who enjoys writing stories as a way to teach and inspire her children and grandchildren.


Karl Schauerhamer

With an eye for solving problems, Karl tackles the challenges of management in the accounting, HR, and tech development departments for Hirschi.

Karl started his career with Hirschi Masonry in 2002 after graduating from Brigham Young University with a Construction Management degree. Most of his career has been spent on the operations side of the Hirschi business with roles as Superintendent, VP of Operations, and Project Manager. In 2018, he pivoted to become the Chief Financial Officer, where he now oversees Accounting, Human Resources, and the Technology Development departments of Hirschi Companies.

This combination of operational experience and management skills has enabled Karl to make a powerful impact in his role as CFO. His love for the challenges his career offers is reflected in his away-from-work hobbies, which include mountain biking, skiing, 4-wheeling, and hunting.


Logan Reynolds

As an industry veteran with 12 years under his belt, Logan directs business operations in order to provide the best in customer service and quality work.

Logan has 12 years of industry experience and has been with Hirschi since 2013. He’s worked his way up from an Estimator to a Project Manager, to the VP of Business Development before taking on the leadership role he has now.

He began his love for construction as a young kid working with his dad, helping him do low voltage wiring in custom homes. Logan continued his passion of the industry and obtained a degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University. Today, he leads honest, energetic, and results driven management teams. He focuses on his clients and team, and building synergy, action and a long-term vision for success.

Currently, Logan serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association and on the Board of Directors for HomeAid Southern Nevada, a non-profit focused on helping people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Logan is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He enjoys the outdoors but loves nothing more than spending quality time with his wife and 3 kids

The Hirschi Masonry Team

Nevada Residential General Manager

Billy Purcell

Growing from part-time Assistant Estimator to Project Manager, Billy now runs the Residential Division of Hirschi Masonry. He works closely with his Project Managers to ensure his team exceed client expectations.

Billy focuses on building client relationships and working with his team of Project Managers to ensure operational success across the entire Residential Division. Billy has a passion for winning work and getting results.

With leadership development training, several certifications, and a bachelor’s degree, Billy brings a lot of experience and know-how to the company. He loves his team and overseeing a job “from cradle to grave," and turning a plot of dirt into a beautiful residential community.

Billy spends his free time with his wife, Brittany, and their 3 wonderful girls. He enjoys exercising, participating in sports, and attending his local church services with his family.

Nevada Commercial General Manager

Brandon Marchant

Starting in this industry as a teenager, Brandon handles all things Structural, Site Walls, and Veneer in the Commercial Division. He runs a team that delivers high quality work to Hirschi clients.

Brandon has worked with Hirschi for almost two decades, and he has nearly 3 decades of experience in the construction industry after starting his career as a young teenager. Growing up in the industry, he knows how to build success in each step of the process.

As the Commercial General Manager, Brandon oversees all commercial masonry projects from start to finish, including structures, site walls, and veneers. A couple highlights of his career include working on CMU buildings with intricate architectural challenges, building hundreds of miles of masonry site walls. The people he gets to work with are some of the best you’ll ever find.

Brandon spends his free time outdoors, often camping, hunting, and fishing with his wife and their 5 wonderful children.

Arizona General Manager

Jake Ellison

From starting as a Commercial Estimator, Jake quickly promoted to a Project Manager role, which works from pre-construction to final payment, all while overseeing the day to day operations of his team. Jake is now our General Manager running our Arizona Masonry business.

Jake runs a team of over 100 people, and oversees projects from pre-construction all the way to the final payment. He strategically manages them to ensure a high-quality project is built. He holds a bachelor’s degree from BYU and an MBA degree from UNLV. Jake loves the people he works with and the fact he gets to see and do different things every day—whether it’s in the field with his team or clients or spending time in the office.

In his free time, Jake enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 kids, and he tries to play as much golf as possible.

Project Manager: Residential

Logan Philippi

A summer Intern turned Project Manager, Logan works with Hirschi Masonry's Residential Division, with a focus on retaining walls and privacy walls. He runs a large team winning work and building projects.

Logan started out as an estimating intern at Hirschi Masonry while earning his BS in Construction Management from BYU. There, he worked with the Residential Walls team, the Iron team, and the Residential Stone Veneer team as he learned the ropes all over the Hirschi organization. After graduation, he started full time as an Estimator, and focused on winning work and delivering results. Logan moved up to his current position as a Project Manager after just 2 years. He currently runs a team of over 100 people.

Logan loves the culture he gets to work in at Hirschi and that his job requires him both in the office and in the field. He is proud to work with some of the best home builders in the nation to create new communities in Las Vegas.

Logan spends his free time with his wife and son playing outdoors with their dogs.

Project Manager: Residential

Francisco Reynoso

Working with Hirschi since 2018, Francisco brings education and experience to help supervise projects, train teams, and coach his employees.

Francisco has worked through Hirschi’s estimator ranks from assistant to lead. Now as a Project Manager, he exceeds client expectations by providing them with clear communication and going the extra mile to ensure nothing is missed.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from UNLV. His primary responsibilities include supervising his team of estimators while also training and coaching superintendents.

He enjoys spending time with his family finding new places to eat, playing board games, traveling, swimming, and fishing.

Project Manager: Residential

David Cruz

From construction rentals to the construction business and now to masonry, David has a lot of experience to assist him train new estimators, review proposals, and win work.

David has worked in and around the construction industry for years now. He’s served in positions as an estimator, a project manager for site walls, as well as with the sister company Hirschi Iron & Powder Coating.

Now David’s responsibilities include reviewing bids, training new estimators, handling proposals, and taking care of our clients. David loves the thrill of winning a bid and competing in the industry with his team.

He spends his free time with his wife Amber and their 4 children in the outdoors, watching movies, and serving at their local church.

Project Manager: Veneer

John Brackenbury

From Laborer to Project Manager, John’s an expert in everything veneer. He runs the veneer division for Hirschi Masonry and oversees business development to operations. He's passionate about the beauty of masonry veneer!

John has over 20 years in the masonry industry and studied Construction Management at Utah Valley University. He’s worked his way up within the industry, starting as a hod carrier and moving to a crane rigger, mason, truck driver, and superintendent, gaining hands-on experience with all aspects of masonry construction. Today, John runs the veneer division and his passion for masonry is evident in the beautiful work his team does.

John loves going above and beyond taking care of his clients and exceeding their expectations. He builds long lasting relationships with his clients that are built on trust and respect.

In his free time, John gets outside as much as he can, often shooting, backpacking, and fishing with his wife and 3 boys.

Project Manager: Veneer

Ty Harman

Ty brings years of working in the masonry veneer industry throughout Arizona & Nevada to Hirschi.

Project Manager: Residential

Spencer Shepherd

Spencer started with Hirschi as an intern / Assistant Estimator in January of 2021. From the get go he hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. He loves hard work and being able to do / be better every day.

Spencer started with Hirschi as an intern / Assistant Estimator in January of 2021. From the get go he hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. He loves hard work and being able to do / be better every day. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Idaho in April 2021 with a Bachelors in Construction Management and a Minor in Business. When he isn’t working to meet client needs (which isn’t often), he loves watching and playing sports, hiking, reading a good book.

With the start of our Arizona division, Spencer looks to build the best team Hirschi Arizona can offer. He looks to bring the same culture and professionalism that influenced him in Las Vegas. He works to build people up around him and wont rest till there is no wall left to be built.

Project Manager: Commercial

Jeremy Osheel

With two decades of running masonry work throughout Arizona, Jeremy joined the Hirschi team to help expand the Hirschi quality to the Arizona market.

Project Manager: Commercial

Emily Dages

With two decades of management experience, Emily brings accounting, organization skills, and the love of a good challenge to help Hirschi tackle commercial projects.

Emily has worked with Hirschi since 2019 and now manages commercial projects.

With prior experience in both management and the construction industry, she brings a unique tool set to her role at Hirschi Masonry where she is responsible for managing projects from starting bid to finished build.

In her free time, Emily loves to travel, go 4-wheeling, and be outdoors with her family. She’s married to her amazing husband and has two dogs named Molly Moo and Indy Phoo.

Project Manager: Rock Walls

Richard Campos

From Hod Carrier to Project Manager, Richard continues to grow and excel at Hirschi. He runs the rock wall division for Hirschi Masonry and oversees business development to operations.

Richard started with Hirschi as a Hod Carrier and then participated in Hirschi's apprenticeship program to become a Mason. Soon enough, he was using his skills from that apprenticeship, his Associates in Business Management, and his field experience to organize crews on masonry projects.

His responsibilities as Project Manager include quality control of materials and service, scheduling and estimating projects, and handling client relations. Richard’s favorite part about the job is being an integral part of growing the city and building communities that will last for years to come.

Richard loves spending his time with family, reading, mountain biking, and anything that keeps himself physically and spiritually healthy.

Commercial Senior Estimator

Jeremy Jones

Commercial Senior Estimator

Tom Waite

With four decades in the concrete industry, Tom’s field work brings a unique perspective that helps him analyze project scope and offer the correct estimations to any job.

Tom has worked with Hirschi since 2013 but has been in the concrete industry since the ‘80s. This sort of field work provided him a leg up in critical thinking and analysis when it comes to constructability and access issues on-site.

His responsibilities include reviewing bid invitations, estimating cmu structures, site walls, veneers, and winning work. Tom loves that every job is different—from the project scope all the way down to the materials.

Tom spends his free time on his road bicycle, hunting big game, and fly fishing when he isn’t with his wonderful wife, their 5 children, or 13 grand children.

Residential General Superintendent

Martin Sandoval

Martin has been in the masonry industry since 1983! As General Superintendent, he works to ensure that that all residential wall projects go up correctly, the first time, always.

Martin is a veteran mason with decades of experience and has the kind of long-learned experience that only comes from a diligent career in this industry. He started out as a laborer for a mason crew and climbed the ladder one step at a time.

As the General Superintendent, Martin has a lot of responsibilities and plates to spin, but he prides himself on delivering on residential products efficiently and punctually. His favorite thing about Hirschi has been working with his team for so many years.

In his free time, Martin enjoys time at home; but frankly Martin is rarely seen with his feet up resting. If he isn't found managing his Superintendents and his many Foremen, he can be found with a trowel in one hand and a block in his other.

Residential General Superintendent

Jose Angel

As a lifelong builder, Jose brings hands on experience to manage customer satisfaction, hire needed manpower, keep sites safe, and make sure to complete jobs on schedule.

Jose has over a decade of experience with HIrschi Masonry and brings hands-on experience from the many positions he’s held over his career. These positions include laborer, mason, 1st course foreman, superintendent, and now the general superintendent over residential projects.

Jose’s main responsibilities at Hirschi revolve around customer satisfaction, scheduling projects for on-time completion, hiring the appropriate manpower, and maintaining equipment and safety. He loves the challenge of every project and seeing a plan come together.

In his free time, Jose often goes trail-walking or quad-riding with his wife and their 3 kids.

Commercial General Superintendent

Armando Galaviz

With three decades of experience in the industry, Armando works to make sure that all projects have the manpower necessary and that projects are completed correctly.

Armando has three decades of experience and has spent nearly two of them with Hirschi Masonry. As General Superintendent, he ensures every project has enough manpower to provide the best results. He works with every team to make sure projects are done on time without mistakes.

Armando loves seeing the finished projects, especially when a job offers challenges, and he finds a sense of fulfillment when he and his team overcome any obstacles.

Armando loves spending his free time swimming and camping with his family and grandchildren.

Residential General Superintendent

Jose Ornelas

With over 25 rears in the industry, Jose knows everything there is to the job. His responsibilities as General Superintendent include providing good quality work and safety.

Jose has worked for over 25 years in the masonry industry and has a keen understanding of how to manage a team with responsibility and discipline. His primary responsibility is to make sure everyone is safe, doing their job, and providing the best quality work for Hirschi clients.

Jose’s job has quickly become a passion, and he loves spending time with his team and other co-workers.

He also spends his free time with his family, often taking his kids to soccer when they aren’t camping or fishing.

Commercial General Superintendent

Richard Bates

The Hirschi Team Values

Ethical Work

Work done right is the only way to ensure success for both builders and clients.

Client Focus

Meeting client needs as if they were our needs results in trust and excellence.

Honesty & Integrity

Our word is our bond, and when we commit you know it will be done right and on time.

Want to join the team?

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