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One by one they are springing to life. Buildings that were stopped in mid-construction or that were completed but stood empty as the economic downturn hit Las Vegas. As the economy recovers these structures are being revived, new occupants – businesses and residents – are filling them, and Hirschi Masonry is playing a role in preparing them for Las Vegas’s economic revival.

The latest in this long line of success stories is a mid-rise building in Centennial Hills, now home to Asurion.

A Tennessee-based technology company is expanding to Las Vegas that could create 800 new jobs within the next five years.

Asurion is a big win for southern Nevada.

Asurion may have as much as a $1 billion economic impact on the Las Vegas area over the next 10 years. It’s a very welcome addition to the area that will continue the expansion as well as the diversification of Las Vegas’s economy.

For years this building stood as evidence of the depth of the downturn. Completed just before the economy took its downward turn, for several years it stood empty and, as shown in the first picture below, surrounded by a chain-link fence.

Today this structure has been brought back to life with construction activity to prepare for its new tenants. And, of course, Hirschi Masonry, the leading commercial masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area, is playing a part.

While most of the building itself was completed years ago, before the recession, several important but ancillary structures are necessary for its new tenants to operate. Hirschi Masonry is installing CMU masonry walls around an equipment enclosure. The enclosure houses a concrete pad that will support large mechanical units.

Hirschi Masonry is proud to be a part of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. We’re extremely honored to play a role in the region’s recovery, the continued growth and diversification of the economy that will create more opportunities and better lives for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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