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An Arizona Masonry Team for Even the Biggest Projects

No matter how big your project is, Hirschi Masonry contractors in Arizona is the confident team with the expertise you need. We focus on your needs, budget, and timeline to deliver quality results through extreme professionalism.


Our commercial team builds the look and structure you need so your project is both on time and on budget. We build CMU structures and walls for commercial developments while also beautifying buildings of all sizes with professional-looking veneers. For those projects that need them, we have additional retaining wall solutions like rock walls, SRW, and concrete gravity block walls.

masonry in Arizona
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Our residential team of expert masonry contractors in Arizona is built to tackle everything from new custom homes to large-scale neighborhood developments. We offer retaining and privacy walls of all sorts, whether they’re for aesthetic purposes or strictly practical needs. To bring that eye-catching appeal to your communities, we offer stone and brick veneers to lend homes a uniform look that brings people together or a unique look that lets each home stand apart.

Stone & Brick Veneer

Our veneer team of masonry contractors in Arizona is simply the best at bringing out the beauty of masonry.  From manufactured material to natural cut stone, we can do it all and make your vision come to life.  We are proud of the work we do and believe veneer should be a “head turner.”

Why You Need Hirschi on Your Job

Experienced Problem Solving

With decades of experience there is little we haven’t seen or done, and we always make sure it’s done right.

Client-Focused Confidence

When you choose Hirschi, you’ve got a partner on your side who will always prioritize the relationship and quality of the work.

Scalable “Horsepower”

We’re built to be able to scale to your project—no matter how big it is. We’ll bring the manpower needed to get it done right.

Hirschi Masonry has shown they are committed to the highest level of service, safety, and productivity on the job site.

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Hirschi Masonry has a great workplace environment. We have a competitive and respectful atmosphere that drives us to give our best efforts.

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Hirschi Masonry performs beautiful work. Their staff is professional, courteous, safe and work magic on any job site.

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We’re always on the lookout for people who want to be a part of something amazing. As an employee of Hirschi, you’ll earn competitive pay and benefits and have access to a driven team of coworkers who expect more from their employer, each other, and themselves.

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