Residential Masonry

Bringing Honesty & Integrity to Your Neighborhood

When you embark on a residential project, whether it’s a custom home or a neighborhood development, you want your finished product to look beautiful and stand the test of time. We bring the best in team players and equipment to ensure you get the quality and look you want with Las Vegas & Phoenix masonry.

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CMU Walls

Our CMU walls provide inexpensive and dependable barriers to provide aesthetic retaining and privacy solutions.

Additional Retaining Wall Solutions

No matter what you need a wall for, we’re happy to bring the best manpower and materials to see that your project is a success.

Rock Walls

Rugged and beautiful, these rock walls can come in a variety of styles, sizes, and heights.


Segmental Retaining Walls can reach greater heights than most retaining solutions, and we have the equipment and experience to build large scale segmental retaining walls.

Concrete Gravity Block

A unique and sturdy retaining solution, these walls require heavy equipment and special care to build with quality.

Stone Veneer

Our expert Las Vegas & Phoenix masonry artisans bring beauty.  Stone veneers bring a natural class to your homes and community. Whether you want it at the ground level or higher, indoor or out, Hirschi Masonry brings extreme professionalism to protect your homes AND make them look good.

Brick Veneer

Our brick veneers bring a strong uniformity to your community homes, whether they cover foundations or whole walls. Hirschi Masonry has the skills to install these smart-looking additions to any project, whether you’re using full-depth brick or thin brick veneer.

Want to join the team?

We’re always on the lookout for people who want to be a part of something amazing. As an employee of Hirschi, you’ll earn competitive pay and benefits and have access to a driven team of coworkers who expect more from their employer, each other, and themselves.