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A building is more than just walls and a roof. It’s a place where people live, where they work, where they achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals, where they strive for things beyond this earth.

This reality is not lost on Hirschi Masonry team members, who take a tremendous amount of pride in their work and who live the philosophy of Expect More every day.

We recently completed work on a new chapel at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Northwest Las Vegas. The chapel was mentioned, accompanied by a picture taken during construction, in this article back in August.

CanyonRidge24Working on houses of worship is a particular area of expertise for the Hirschi Masonry team and where our Expect More philosophy really shows through. Skill, versatility and expertise were on display as we installed block walls on the site and stone veneer on the interior and exterior.

The stone veneer on the Canyon Ridge chapel is stunning on both the inside and the outside! The walls and columns inside were finished in stone and the walls with the candle insets at the rear of the interior are spectacular. The cross on the side facing Lone Mountain Road is exquisite.

Hirschi Masonry’s commercial masonry crews installed the block walls on the north and south sides of the chapel. These walls contained curved sections, the type of challenges that are all in a day’s work for the skilled team members at Hirschi Masonry.

We’re not just building walls or buildings, our work helps provide places for people to accomplish their goals, including the most important goal of all.