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Expect More – at Hirschi Masonry this is not just a phrase, it’s a way of life. The work of Hirschi Masonry, the premier masonry contractor in Las Vegas, extends far beyond what we can show on these pages.

We don’t just build walls. We don’t just construct buildings. We help people build and enrich their lives – from homes to workplaces to places where people can satisfy their spiritual needs.

At Hirschi Masonry we have extensive experience working on houses of worship. These are not just commercial masonry projects to us, these are opportunities to enhance our community and the lives of people who live here. One of the most recent such projects involved the expansion of Temple Sinai in Summerlin.

Our work on this project once again combined strength and beauty. We constructed the structural walls that gave the building its shape and power. We also installed a striking stone veneer on both exterior and interior walls that provide a beautiful aesthetic to this new house.

The stone work includes challenging and intricate elements. The interior walls feature stone diamonds and radius walls. The exterior contains stone bands and a variety of types of radius walls.

Our team members take extensive pride in their work and it shows. The product of their dedication and skill enhances the experience of those who work and worship at Temple Sinai.

This is another reason why we say you can Expect More from Hirschi Masonry. More than just structures, more than just buildings, we help people build their lives.