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IMG_7576Members of the Hirschi team are often some of the first on the scene when a new project begins. As the leading residential masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area we have a hand in preparing the lots for future homes.

That’s the case at this new residential development in Summerlin. Located way up in the foothills at the base of the Spring Mountain range, this project has spectacular views of the Las Vegas skyline on one side and of the mountains and Red Rock on the other.

Almost as spectacular are the retaining walls Hirschi Masonry is currently erecting on the site. Retaining walls are an essential element of projects in the foothills on the outskirts of the Las Vegas valley and of any other project in which there are elevation changes. They protect the integrity of the landscape of the project, preventing erosion and gravity from pulling the soil down and providing stable surfaces on which to build.

The retaining walls the Hirschi team is installing on this project are designed not only to provide structural integrity but to enhance the visual aspects of the project, with colors that complement the existing landscape near the site. Grouting, filling the cells in the CMU with concrete, combined with installing steel rebar in the cells help provide the walls with the structural strength to withstand the forces required. Our team members work diligently on this project, breaking new ground to provide more opportunities for growth in the Las Vegas area.

Hirschi Masonry team members show time after time why we are the leading residential masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area. They truly embody our Expect More philosophy, with commitments to quality, service and safety that are second to none. Because of their dedication we consistently meet and often exceed construction schedules, while providing the highest quality installations.

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