The most highly-anticipated construction and retail project in the area is opening today – the Grand Opening of Nevada’s first IKEA store!

This project has been the subject of many, many news stories since the store was announced and throughout the construction process. As with most of the most prominent and important projects, the builders of IKEA chose to Expect More!

Hirschi Masonry played a significant role in bringing this building to life. Our team put their Expect More philosophy into several different areas of the project.

IKEA Elevators 7We began by constructing the elevator shafts for the building. This aspect was one of the first stages in the construction process, begun more than a year ago!

As you can see, when we began building the structural walls for these elevators, very little of the construction had been completed. After these walls were built, the structure of the new IKEA building took shape around them.

Next, the Hirschi Masonry team started work on the retaining walls around the site. There are severe elevation changes on a couple of the sides of the site, making the proper placement and construction of the retaining walls a vital element of the site.

Even though these walls were begun fairly early in the construction process, putting the finishing touches on some of the retaining walls occurred after some of the other work our team performed. The most conspicuous of the retaining walls, running along Durango Drive, is an attractive split-face block using multiple colors topped off with a white cap.

The Hirschi Masonry team also built walls inside the building itself. These walls help separate the interior of the building into different sections.

Many local residents have been waiting not-so-patiently for the opening of this welcome addition to the local retail scene. The Hirschi Masonry team is extremely pleased and proud to have played a role in making the new IKEA store happen!