A challenge? Bring it on!

Something no one’s done before? That’s what we live for!

To get to the top you have to reach high and far. To become the premier masonry contractor your team has to Expect More of themselves and take on challenges that others avoid. The Hirschi Masonry team welcomes challenges and Expect More drives everything we do.

Check out our projects pages to see the wide range of work that we can do for our customers – commercial or residential, structural walls or retaining walls, segmental retaining walls or rock walls, block or brick and stone veneer.

Our team works way up high and even below the ground. No challenge is too big with our best-trained, highest-motivated and best-equipped team!

No matter how different the project, some things remain the same.

Our Expect More philosophy governs everything we do. We Expect More of ourselves so our customers can Expect More of us.

Our team always works with a focus on what’s most important – that every member of the team makes ends the work day able to make it back to their families. Our award-winning safety program is a reflection of this mindset and the training involved also helps every member of our team understand the value, to the team and to themselves, of emphasizing safety.

TeamworkJust as Expect More is more than a slogan, we don’t refer to ourselves as the Hirschi Masonry team for nothing. Even when we’re having fun, as our employees themselves express, teamwork is what it’s all about.

At Hirschi Masonry we do more than just build walls. We help provide homes for local families, our work provides the means for them to receive medical care, obtain food and clothing, have a place to relax, be entertained. Our work helps provide the things that make life healthier, longer and more enjoyable. And we always Expect More!