Hirschi Masonry is ready to rock with Rock Walls. The premier masonry contractor in Las Vegas has the equipment and skills to excel at Rock Wall projects and the results are apparent. We can make commercial, residential and other projects shine with Rock Walls.

Rock Walls are an exciting alternative for retaining properties, projects, parks, golf courses and a wide variety of other projects.  Rock Walls provide aesthetically-pleasing perimeter and retaining designs.

They can be an extremely attractive enhancement while supplying muscle equal to or exceeding that of block retaining walls. Whether used on commercial projects, residential developments, parks or golf courses they provide rock solid solutions to some of the hard decisions that come for designers and developers.

Hirschi Masonry has the equipment and the highly-skilled team in place to manage and produce engineered and aesthetically-pleasing finished Rock Walls. And with a Rock Wall from the Hirschi Masonry team you can always Expect More!

Check out the video below to see how we load our trucks with the boulders that we use to build our rock walls! These boulders were on their way to Reverence, a gorgeous community developed by Pulte Homes and located in Summerlin Village, for our team to assemble and build the rock walls that can be seen throughout the development. Great work team Hirschi! #ExpectMore #VegasBorn #RockWalls #Pulte #LasVegas

Hirschi Masonry Announces Work on Large-Scale Residential Project – Reverence by Pulte Homes

Hirschi Masonry, a premier masonry contractor in southern Nevada is proud to announce its recent work on Reverence by Pulte Homes. Hirschi began work on Reverence in September 2016 and initiated the second phase in April 2017. Pulte Homes exclusively developed...

It’s Here! It’s Here!

The most highly-anticipated construction and retail project in the area is opening today – the Grand Opening of Nevada’s first IKEA store! This project has been the subject of many, many news stories since the store was announced and throughout the construction...

Hirschi Masonry 2015: The More Things Change, the More Some Things Remain the Same

Hirschi Masonry had a lot of growth and change in 2015. But one thing that didn’t change is that the most important and prominent projects in Las Vegas Expect More! Commercial, residential, structural CMU, retaining walls, stone and brick veneer, rock walls, whatever the masonry project, Hirschi Masonry rocks it! We also stayed involved in the community and even had some fun along the way.

Engineering Marvels and Gorgeous Design Intersect to Expect More

The new Gaudin Porsche building lives up to the Porsche legend of engineering marvels, cutting-edge innovation and gorgeous design. And it presented the kinds of challenges the Hirschi Masonry team lives for!

IKEA looks to hire 300; New project Expects More

It’s been the most-anticipated construction project and retail outlet in Las Vegas in a long time. The 351,000-square-foot IKEA store has been the talk of the town. And now there’s even more and better news coming from this project. IKEA has announced they are looking to fill 300 jobs.

Displaying our Versatility while Breathing Life into the Economy

During the downturn, the Las Vegas valley was dotted with buildings and other construction projects that stood in states of partial completion. Many of these were very prominent projects in highly-visible areas. Like many of the others, Hirschi Masonry helped breath life back into Desert Blue. The project also provided a great opportunity for the Hirschi team to display our versatility, as demonstrated in the video contained in this post.

We Can Expect More As a Team

A group is a collection of individuals. But a team is all of them working together to get the job done! Teamwork is a vital part of our Expect More philosophy.

Loving What We Do! The Hirschi Masonry Team

We have the most dedicated and passionate team in the business. And it shows! Whether working inside or outside, on the ground or way up high, whatever challenges they face, the Hirschi Masonry team displays the passion, dedication and commitment that exemplify our...

Skye’s the Limit

One of the brightest signs of the economic recovery in Las Vegas is the sight of new master-planned communities springing up. Development of large master plans virtually ground to a halt during the downturn. But now work has begun on two of the largest master-planned...

Out in Front

Members of the Hirschi Masonry team never take their eyes off the ball, even when the spectacular Las Vegas skyline is in the distance! As the Las Vegas economy has continued to expand, some positive signs are emerging. One of the more encouraging signs of the recent...