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The Hirschi Masonry team is the premier Brick & Stone Veneer contractor, for both commercial and residential projects.

Our team has extensive experience installing brick veneer and natural and manufactured stone in a variety of different applications and conditions – commercial or residential, interior or exterior, at ground level or several stories high above, we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to get the job done right!

We have an extensive and impressive portfolio of both residential and commercial projects, interior and exterior applications of all kinds. With Hirschi Masonry, you can always Expect More!

Hirschi Masonry Announces Work on Large-Scale Residential Project – Reverence by Pulte Homes

Hirschi Masonry, a premier masonry contractor in southern Nevada is proud to announce its recent work on Reverence by Pulte Homes. Hirschi began work on Reverence in September 2016 and initiated the second phase in April 2017. Pulte Homes exclusively developed...

Showing Our True Colors

One of the most distinctive and attractive centers in the Las Vegas area, home to upscale and innovative shops and restaurants, Tivoli Village recently completed a long-awaited expansion that was every bit as spectacular as the original. The vision [Tivoli Village...

Hirschi Masonry 2015: The More Things Change, the More Some Things Remain the Same

Hirschi Masonry had a lot of growth and change in 2015. But one thing that didn’t change is that the most important and prominent projects in Las Vegas Expect More! Commercial, residential, structural CMU, retaining walls, stone and brick veneer, rock walls, whatever the masonry project, Hirschi Masonry rocks it! We also stayed involved in the community and even had some fun along the way.

Displaying our Versatility while Breathing Life into the Economy

During the downturn, the Las Vegas valley was dotted with buildings and other construction projects that stood in states of partial completion. Many of these were very prominent projects in highly-visible areas. Like many of the others, Hirschi Masonry helped breath life back into Desert Blue. The project also provided a great opportunity for the Hirschi team to display our versatility, as demonstrated in the video contained in this post.

We Can Expect More As a Team

A group is a collection of individuals. But a team is all of them working together to get the job done! Teamwork is a vital part of our Expect More philosophy.

Rising Tide Lifts Commercial Construction

The economic recovery of Las Vegas has really begun to pick up momentum. It’s not just the residential construction sector that is seeing a recovery. The commercial construction sector is also taking off. These two events are not unrelated.

At Your Convenience

Las Vegas’s recovery is attracting more new residents and businesses. One of the areas of the economy that has grown with the rebound in the Las Vegas economy is convenience stores. Free time is at a premium and many people prefer to grab food, drinks, fuel and other...

Stone Veneer: Bringing out the Best

Many homeowners are choosing to enhance the looks of their homes with stone veneer. And choosing to Expect More with Hirschi Masonry. Two recent homes we installed stone veneer on (and in!) demonstrate why more and more homeowners and homebuilders are making this...

We Can Help Satisfy Your Hunger

We don’t just build buildings. Expect More means the Hirschi Masonry team works to improve the lives of those our projects touch. The Sears Retail remodel, part of the Downtown Project that is revitalizing the core of Las Vegas, is another example of this philosophy...

Cadence Master Plan Springs to Life as They Expect More

The economic downturn in Las Vegas took its toll several years ago. But we at Hirschi Masonry see the signs of recovery all over. Some of the most telling are the revival of residential and commercial projects that had been mothballed during the tough times. The...