The work of the Hirschi Masonry team makes life easier for our customers, and for the residents of Las Vegas. And we’re happy to do it; it’s all part of living our Expect More philosophy!

As the leading masonry contractor in Las Vegas our projects run a wide range of different types of buildings with a variety of functions. They help people fulfill their needs and make their lives more enjoyable and more comfortable.

Making people more comfortable was the intent of one of our recent projects – the construction of a new Mattress Firm store near Martin Luther King Blvd. and US-95.

MattressFirm4The Hirschi Masonry team constructed the structural walls on the Mattress Firm building. Our portion of the project is the one that makes certain the building stands up, that it remains firm, you could say.

Not only did our work provide strength to the structure, it also added beauty. This building utilized a combination of CMU types and installations to increase curb appeal.

In addition to the standard smooth face CMU in the structural wall, the Mattress Firm project also incorporated splitface block with a course of 12” sill blocks at the transition between the splitface and smooth.

This installation adds depth to the walls and gives the building a great aesthetic appeal! Our experienced team members put their skills to use and brought the design to life.

With the Hirschi Masonry team on the job, the structural walls at Mattress Firm bring strength and beauty so they can provide for their customers’ comfort.