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More and more commercial contractors are finding they can Expect More with Hirschi Masonry as we’re cementing our reputation as the premier masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area.

Recently, more information came to light demonstrating just how far our reach in commercial masonry has spread. The UNLV Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies and RCG Economics released a study evaluating the commercial real estate market in the Las Vegas area for the 4th Quarter of 2013.

The study mentions projects under construction at the end of 2013. Hirschi Masonry has already started or will soon be beginning work on several of the projects listed in the report.

The expansion of Konami Gaming near the airport is one of the Industrial projects under construction mentioned in the report. Hirschi Masonry recently began work on this project.

Konami Gaming 1 Konami Gaming 2

Among the Office projects discussed in the report are the Shops in Summerlin and the EVAPS Law Office downtown. Hirschi Masonry is scheduled to begin working on tenant space within the Shops in the near future.

The magnificent exterior of the EVAPS Law Office, completed earlier in 2014, is a testament to Hirschi’s versatility and commitment to quality. Hirschi Masonry installed the brick veneer and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) at the railings, window surrounds and other areas, a stunning addition to the revitalization effort in downtown Las Vegas.

EVAPS 1 veneer EVAPS 2 railing

EVAPS 3 railing window EVAPS 4 complete

One additional major project not mentioned in the Lied-RCG report is the Sahara Center at the west end of the valley. Construction on this 220,000-square foot commercial center in the western edge of the Las Vegas Valley began in November. Hirschi Masonry constructed the structural CMU walls on this project, completing this portion of the work just a short time ago.

Sahara Center 1 Sahara Center 2

Sahara Center 3 Sahara Center 4

More commercial contractors are discovering they can Expect More with Hirschi Masonry!

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