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We don’t just build buildings. Expect More means the Hirschi Masonry team works to improve the lives of those our projects touch.

The Sears Retail remodel, part of the Downtown Project that is revitalizing the core of Las Vegas, is another example of this philosophy in action. This project includes a trio of eateries where residents, workers and visitors to downtown Las Vegas can grab some nourishment.

As a recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal explained,

One thing is for certain about the Downtown Project: Its hip investors like a tasty business deal.

Tony Hsieh’s downtown redevelopment initiative is adding a trio of new distinct restaurant concepts in a single building in the heart of a burgeoning foodie row along the Carson Avenue corridor near Downtown Project’s signature Container Park on East Fremont Street.

The three eateries, about a month away from opening, are in the former Sears building at 616 E. Carson Ave. near other prominent restaurants such as Eat, Carson Kitchen and La Comida. (It’s not a former Sears retail store; Downtown Project says a man named Sears once owned the structure.)

The Sears remodel project also presented another opportunity to showcase our versatility.

We began by installing structural walls at the back of the building, which expanded each of the units, adding areas such as outdoor dining spaces for restaurants. Our team also added the structural walls that expanded the building to the west, along Carson Ave.

In addition to the structural walls, Hirschi Masonry installed the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) that provides the accents at windows and doors. The GFRC helps present a unique and distinctive look to this building.

The Hirschi Masonry team also installed the brick veneer on the project. The brick veneer presents one of the most prominent aesthetic features of the building and the multiple colors gives the appearance of separate and distinct structures housing each of the retail units.

The Sears remodel is another step in the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas through the Downtown Project. It also gives you a few new ways to satisfy your hunger when you’re downtown.