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Working at dizzying heights through near-impossible logistical challenges with no margin for error…

In other words, the perfect project for the Hirschi Masonry team and our Expect More philosophy!

Building the new D Casino elevators was definitely one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever done. At 180 feet, this was the tallest masonry project we’ve completed in Las Vegas.

D 9The logistical aspects of this project added to the challenge. All of the materials and everything used on the job – the block, mortar, grout, scaffold, everything – had to be brought up on the construction elevators and through the hotel’s hallways in wheeled carts that held the same amount as a few wheelbarrows!

The new elevators are designed to leave very little clearance between the elevator cars and the walls of the shafts, so these walls had to be built perfectly straight and to exact dimensions. There was absolutely no room for error.

But these are exactly the types of challenges our team lives for!

The project started on the ground floor within the hotel. Our team worked in cramped quarters to bring the walls up to the ceiling.

From there a demolition crew hired by the general contractor cut out the ceiling and roof of the existing structure. When they finished that we brought the walls of the elevators shafts up.

D 8Even when working above the roof, there was very little elbow room for Hirschi team members.

Our team’s commitment to safety was on full display. Because of the height and the specifics of the project, our team members working on the elevators were required to employ retractable fall-arrest devices.

Hirschi Masonry is a pioneer in the masonry sector for using these fall protection systems. We have outfitted all of our stone veneer crews with them to use when working on roofs and other areas where scaffold either can’t be used or isn’t sufficient for proper fall protection. Our team’s fall protection training and experience and overall dedication to safety were invaluable on this project.

With the D Casino elevators up and running, what other heights can we scale?

Another set of challenges overcome with flying colors. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we Expect More!