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Many homeowners are choosing to enhance the looks of their homes with stone veneer. And choosing to Expect More with Hirschi Masonry.

Two recent homes we installed stone veneer on (and in!) demonstrate why more and more homeowners and homebuilders are making this choice.

The Felli Residence in northwest Las Vegas is a model of the many areas in which stone veneer can be incorporated into the design. From the entry in the front to the columns and soffits around the home to the fireplace, kitchen island and range hood inside, this home displays stone veneer in a variety of different areas, all adding to the pleasing aesthetic.

The light-colored stone on the Lambert Residence highlights and accentuates the unique and modern design of this custom home in the 7 Hills area of the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson.

Two homes, two very different designs, looks and colors, but the best in both brought to life with stone veneer by Hirschi Masonry!