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Expect More. It’s Hirschi Masonry’s commitment – to our customers and to our team members. Nowhere is this more evident than during Safety Week, our quarterly opportunity to refresh, restore and renew the commitment to our most important assets – our team members.

This Safety Week was even more notable than others for a couple reasons.

The last few weeks have been abnormally hot, even for the desert. Temperatures have reached well over 100 degrees every nearly every day for weeks.

This trend is likely to continue as summer only officially began the day before Safety Week. This level of heat can be brutal. Working in it requires special precautions, preparation and perception.

One of the main focuses of Safety Week was to refresh in everyone’s mind how to prevent and avoid heat-related incidents. As part of this, the proper procedures to follow in case of a heat-related incident were reinforced as well.

Safety milestone w-logoOne aspect of this Safety Week that set it apart from others was that some of our team members received special rewards and recognition.

During the June 2015 Safety Week, we issued the first bonuses from our Mason Recruitment Program. Employees who recruit block or stone masons to become new members of our team can be eligible to receive a reward.

The first of these were handed out during this Safety Week, in addition to the other rewards we regularly pass out during Safety Week, including for anniversaries and for the winner of the safety drawing.

Added to all this, during Safety Week, our team passed an amazing milestone. The Hirschi Masonry team reached 300 consecutive days without a lost time accident. This is a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to the dedication of all our team members to what’s most important – the embodiment of Expect More.

Congratulations, team!