One of the most distinctive and attractive centers in the Las Vegas area, home to upscale and innovative shops and restaurants, Tivoli Village recently completed a long-awaited expansion that was every bit as spectacular as the original.

The vision [Tivoli Village developer IDB Group USA’s CEO Norm] Ziv speaks of is a sprawling 300,000 square feet for new retail, restaurants and office spaces to come…There’s enough space for around 40 retailers, [Tivoli Village’s general manager Curt Fickeisen] tells us, but some tenants may take up more or less space.

The exterior of Tivoli Village, designed to resemble a Renaissance village, really sets it apart, and presented the perfect opportunity to Expect More. The Hirschi Masonry team provided our skill, experience and dedication to our company motto to the recent expansion.

The Tivoli Village expansion really gave our team the chance to demonstrate what they could do! Our team installed the stone on the exterior of the buildings, a beautiful but highly complex component of the expansion’s look. Just the type of project our team gets excited about!

In all, the expansion project contained five buildings. On those buildings our team installed 120 different types of stone, covering nearly 42,000 square feet. Our work even included installing stone on the planters in the park.

Planning, commitment and attention to detail were essential elements. But our team was more than up to the task!

The work on this project earned Hirschi Masonry’s 2016 Project of the Year Award for Commercial Veneer. It was an outstanding performance by every team member involved.

Tens of thousands of residents and visitors to Las Vegas will be able to wonder at the quality and craftsmanship of the work on Tivoli Village performed by the Hirschi Masonry team for years to come!