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Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our team members. Because they mean so much to us, the safety of Hirschi Masonry team members is our top priority every day.

Safety is more than documents and procedures, it’s a state of mind, a commitment. In order to provide the safest work place possible for members of our team, each quarter Hirschi Masonry celebrates Safety Week.

During Safety Week we make sure all of our team members are up to date on the latest requirements, information and equipment that help provide a safe workplace. But ensuring a safe working environment is much more than just having the proper paperwork and personal protective equipment.

The “right stuff” when it comes to safety includes the proper dedication and the right mindset. That’s where Safety Week at Hirschi Masonry provides real value. It gives all of our team members a chance to recommit, rededicate and refresh their focus on safety.

The results from this commitment are evident every day.