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Sometimes a strong foundation isn’t enough – commercial buildings need strong walls as well. That’s why more and more general contractors are discovering they can Expect More with Hirschi Masonry.

Hirschi Masonry, the leading masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area, has provided the structural CMU for many of the most prominent and important projects in the Las Vegas area during our economic recovery. New structures all over the Las Vegas valley have benefitted from our commitment to the Expect More philosophy.

4HuntingtonAs the economy has recovered many new businesses, from restaurants to warehouses to durable goods manufacturers to consumer stores to retail outlets, have entered into or expanded in the Las Vegas market. And Hirschi Masonry has provided the commercial masonry on many of these projects.

Our team members are the best-trained, most highly-skilled in the industry, dedicated to installing the highest quality with an emphasis on jobsite safety. Our innovative processes and procedures ensure that these commercial masonry projects stay on time and on budget. As the best-equipped company in the industry our clients can be certain that there is nothing that will stand in our way.

When a strong foundation isn’t enough, Expect More!