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Members of the Hirschi Masonry team never take their eyes off the ball, even when the spectacular Las Vegas skyline is in the distance!

As the Las Vegas economy has continued to expand, some positive signs are emerging.

SummerlinWest 1One of the more encouraging signs of the recent past is that developers and homebuilders are beginning to develop new parcels of land, rather than just filling in pieces that had not been completely built out.

This reveals an optimistic view of the future. When developers are willing to invest money in the infrastructure it usually means they believe demand will be there to allow them to sell homes there in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, when developers are looking for a company to install the perimeter walls on their projects, they often Expect More! As the premier masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area, Hirschi Masonry has been the top choice for home builders and land developers beginning work on new residential projects.

The higher up into the foothills they go, the more challenging the masonry work on these projects becomes. Retaining walls are necessary not just around the perimeters of the project but between many of the individual home lots on the projects as well.

Our work is on display all over the Las Vegas valley as new residential projects are cropping up in all corners.

On the projects shown in the pictures below, as with most new developments, there are strict architectural requirements that mandate particular colors and styles of block to maintain the proper look throughout the community.

As the recovery in Las Vegas continues and new home community emerge, Hirschi Masonry will be there!