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And so do their parents, too! So constructing parks to provide areas for recreation is a major focus of cities, towns and villages across the country.

The recently-completed Vista Village Park is one of the latest examples of this element of community planning – one that chose to Expect More with Hirschi Masonry.

In addition to the large areas for running, games and sports, the Vista Village Park contains a swimming pool, clubhouse and pool building. This project was yet another opportunity for our team to display their versatility.

Hirschi Masonry’s work included the structural walls, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), precast concrete and veneer. All of these elements contribute to the unique aesthetic of the buildings on the project.

The structural walls involved the integration of both smooth and split-face CMU block. The split-face are installed at particular rows in a pattern that enhances the 3-dimensional look of the buildings. Multiple parallel walls also add to this 3D aspect.

The GFRC greatly enhances the look of these buildings. GFRC installed at the fascia at the eaves and the arches on the park buildings adds even more depth to the park’s structures as well as enriching their color and visibility.

Incorporating parks and recreational space is a major focus of modern community planning, improving the quality of life enjoyed by residents. As the Vista Village Park shows, what better way to improve quality than to Expect More!