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And well they should! As we noted a couple weeks ago, Hirschi Masonry is a proud sponsor of this year’s Silver Nugget Awards, honoring the best in homebuilding in Southern Nevada. These awards mark a significant milestone in the recovery of the homebuilding industry and of Las Vegas in general.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has an excellent rundown of the ceremony, noting all the winners and even including a mention of our participation!

Every member of the Hirschi Masonry team salutes the winners of these awards, as well as each and every individual and company who worked hard over the last year to help the industry’s comeback.

We second the thoughts of Nat Hodgson, CEO and executive director of the Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association.

“This is the first awards ceremony we’ve done in (a decade). It was long overdue. We needed to pick our heads up and celebrate our huge successes.”

Hodgson, who has been working in the Southern Nevada homebuilding industry for more than two decades, said he remembers the Homer Awards, which the association produced from the early 1980s to 2004. Those awards focused on product instead of people, he said.

“Because it had been 10 years since the industry has been recognized in any way, we determined that not only product but the people in the industry who make everything happen, from customer service to construction to selling the homes, needed to be recognized,” said Claire DeJesus, publisher of the Review-Journal’s Las Vegas New Homes Guide.

The homebuilding industry is a major part of the Las Vegas economy. Hirschi Masonry is an important part of the industry, our reputation in residential masonry is second to none. And we offer every masonry service a residential homebuilder needs. From segmental (SRW) to rockery to CMU retaining walls to screen walls to pavers to stone and brick veneer and more residential homebuilders know they can Expect More from Hirschi Masonry.

Silver Nugget Awards Recap Silver Nugget Awards recap ad

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