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Nearly destroyed during turmoil more than twenty years ago, the Nucleus Plaza is making a comeback, with a restoration effort designed to bring it back from the ashes. Literally.

Of course a project this significant definitely deserves to Expect More. They did, with Hirschi Masonry, the leading masonry contractor in Las Vegas, providing an upgraded look to the exterior with stone veneer.

The City of Las Vegas had owned part of Nucleus Plaza but recently sold it to a developer, who began the renovation.

In an explanation of how the project benefits the public, the city said that 50 construction jobs are created, and aside from the renovations and landscaping, the developer will restripe the parking lot, update and paint the exterior, and improve lighting.

The city believes the project development will encourage creation of new businesses and demonstrate greater social benefits to the city.

The renovation is now complete, and the results are dramatic.

The Coronado Honey Ledge – 4 Rivers stone veneer Hirschi Masonry installed on the columns gives an attractive look to the most prominent exterior feature of the building. With the premier commercial masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area installing it, the look is even more striking!

The benefits of the Nucleus Plaza renovation extend far beyond the project’s direct effects – construction jobs and new retail outlets.

The symbolic impact of the renewal of a structure that was nearly destroyed and remained in a damaged state for a long time cannot be understated. In addition, the presence of a striking venue in an area of town that has lagged behind others in terms of economic development can also have a potentially powerful impact on the economy and mood of the area. The Nucleus Plaza could be just the jolt the area needs to take off.

Hirschi Masonry is excited to have been a part of the renovation of the Nucleus Plaza and we’re encouraged this will help lead to a resurgence of this historic area of Las Vegas.

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