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Aren’t you glad you’re not part of the crew in this video?

Very inefficient, very slow and very, very, VERY dangerous!!!


At Hirschi Masonry our commitment to Expect More means that our team members will have the right equipment for the job. Our goal is to help our team work smarter, not harder!

So we provide our team members with the equipment that will help them maximize their efforts, be more productive on the job and, most of all, work safer.

Because not every piece of equipment works in every situation our team has forklifts, backhoes, loaders and trucks of many sizes, types and capabilities. Our scaffold and personal protective equipment (PPE) adhere to the highest standards and we go above and beyond the basic requirements.

Plus, we stay on the cutting edge, always on the lookout for the next advancement that will help our team work better or more safely. We lead the way and the others (always) follow. While other companies are stuck in the past, we’re always looking to the future – to ensure that our team has all the right stuff. And we are committed to making sure it’s all running at peak performance!

At Hirschi Masonry, our team can Expect More – the right equipment, the best PPE and the greatest commitment to making sure they work better and safer. Because our team is equipped for anything!