The economic downturn in Las Vegas took its toll several years ago. But we at Hirschi Masonry see the signs of recovery all over. Some of the most telling are the revival of residential and commercial projects that had been mothballed during the tough times.

The Cadence master planned community in Henderson was one project that was put on hold because of the downturn. But now, as the Review-Journal describes in a headline: “Cadence is back as Henderson projects spring to life”.

The first portion of the project was the construction of the sales center. And when they needed a masonry contractor, they chose to Expect More!

On the Cadence Home Finding Center, the Hirschi Masonry team was once again presented with a project that had its share of challenges and that required a versatile masonry contractor. But challenges are what the premier masonry contractor in the Las Vegas area lives for!

The structural walls consisted of a series of multi-colored, independent columns that are not connected until more than twenty feet above ground level. The project required an expert level of precision and coordination to come together as designed. The decorative inserts around the building add an attractive visual accent but also another element of challenge to the masonry work.

As always, the Hirschi Masonry team was up to the challenge!

According to the RJ, Cadence will eventually contain 13,250 homes. Tens of thousands of families will be venturing through the Cadence Home Finding Center over the next several years as the master plan comes to life.

The work of the Hirschi Masonry team will be on brilliant display for all of them to enjoy!