Veneer crew tied offToo often in construction companies talk about safety but then don’t do much else about it.

At Hirschi Masonry we do much more than pay lip-service to safety – we live it every hour of every day. Our philosophy and core values emphasize creating a safe work environment and instilling a positive attitude toward safety in every member of our team.

Providing a safe workplace is a commitment we make to our employees, our customers and to ourselves – another area in which you can Expect More from Hirschi Masonry.

Our award-winning safety program and a stellar record of injury prevention are testaments to that commitment and the dedication of every member of the Hirschi Masonry team to taking a proactive approach and making Safety the #1 priority.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and education is the most powerful instrument in the toolbox. Our commitment to safety includes providing our employees with all the tools they need to work safely – a superior training program that gives them the proper knowledge and skills and helps develop a positive attitude toward safety. We provide an array of safety training classes and certification courses along with multiple refresher courses throughout the year, most of them delivered by our own in-house Safety Manager.

All employees at Hirschi Masonry are required to complete an OSHA 10-hour training course. All foreman and supervisory employees Classroom Trainingmust complete an OSHA 30-hour training course and CPR training. We have more frequent and more intensive training than is required.

But it doesn’t stop with training. We empower our employees and provide them with the proper equipment to mitigate and eliminate obstacles to a safe work environment.

As part of our commitment to Expect More, Hirschi Masonry LLC doesn’t just comply with the minimum safety standards, we go beyond. This includes:

  • Maintaining a drug-free workplace. All employees are subject to random and for-cause drug and alcohol testing.
  • All field employees completing 10-hour OSHA training.
  • All Foremen and Supervision completing 30-hour OSHA training and CPR training.
  • Conducting rigorous in-house scaffold erection, equipment operations and forklift operation certification programs.
  • Retaining a full-time Safety Manager.

Our commitment to safety has been recognized by customers and others, including:

  • Nevada Subcontractors Association 3rd Quarter 2015 Safety Award – All Projects
  • Alan Jesky Builders compliments Hirschi Masonry for Attention to Loss Prevention – Spanish Trails Project
  • Pardee Homes spotlights Hirschi Masonry for Worksite safety – Projects throughout S. NV
  • DR Horton commends Hirschi Masonry for Exceptional Safety Practices – Projects through S. NV



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